Various contractors are working hard on the Nieuwlanderweg. During the work this afternoon, an electricity cable and a telephone cable were hit in various places. This may affect a large number of addresses along Nieuwlanderweg. Engineers are working to resolve the disturbance as quickly as possible.
As soon as it is solved we will communicate through these channels again. The municipal shop has also been informed. 

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Modification of culverts and weirs under Post Road.

Summers are getting drier, and so it is becoming more important to retain rainwater longer in wet periods so that fresh water remains in the dry. At the same time, excess water must also be able to be properly drained and distributed. This means that the network of watercourses must be in order. For farmers, this is of great importance. Albert de Ridder of farm Nieuw-Duinoord, which borders the Postweg, explains what that's like in Eierland. Now that the road is open for reconstruction anyway, culverts and weirs were also immediately renewed on his doorstep. The farmer is also happy with the widening of the road.


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