Various contractors are working hard on the Nieuwlanderweg. During the work this afternoon, an electricity cable and a telephone cable were hit in various places. This may affect a large number of addresses along Nieuwlanderweg. Engineers are working to resolve the disturbance as quickly as possible.
As soon as it is solved we will communicate through these channels again. The municipal shop has also been informed. 

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Start of reconstruction of last section of Postweg in autumn

The municipality of Texel has instructed Boskalis to start reconstructing the last section of the Postweg in the autumn. This is the section from the intersection with Slufterweg to the intersection with Vuurtorenweg / Molenlaan. Before the start of the work, an information evening will be organised at the end of August for residents and businesses in and around the Postweg. Alderman Hooijschuur is positive: "The animation of the design of this road section looks promising. In addition, the favourable course of the recently completed section of Postweg gives confidence for the reconstruction of the final stretch of road."

Safe and durable

A roundabout will be constructed at the junction with Molenlaan / Vuurtorenweg, in particular to clarify the situation for cyclists. In addition, the bike path crossing Roggeslootweg will be moved slightly to avoid dangerous situations with cars turning off to De Krim. The section of Postweg between Hollandseweg and the new roundabout will only have a new top layer. Research shows that this is still in good condition. Just like Nieuwlanderweg and the first section of Postweg, junctions will be made safer by the construction of a central reservation and the cycle path will also be widened and renewed where possible.


In order to give interested parties and those directly involved a good idea of the design, it was converted into an animation video. This animation can be viewed here. The past few months we have worked hard on the design of this last stretch of Postweg. Talks have been held with interested parties. Agreements have also been made about the necessary diversions.

Start autumn
The utility companies are scheduled to start work in mid-September. After this, Boskalis can start work in the autumn. A large number of activities planned for next winter have already been carried out prematurely. This may shorten the execution time next winter. For example, the culverts have already been installed and the necessary waterways filled in.

Information evening for those directly involved

Residents and businesses in and around the Postweg will receive a letter inviting them to an information evening at the end of August. Together with Boskalis, the Municipality of Texel will provide more information about the approach to the last section of the Postweg. Naturally, there will also be plenty of opportunity to ask questions.


Curious about the design of the last stretch of Postweg? This animation will give you an idea of the road after reconstruction.
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